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  • Lunch Crusty

    Lunch Crusty Afternoon snack Big Banana; dietary yogurt cup.

    Dinner A piece of boiled chicken breast; steamed vegetables: cauliflower, baked tomatoes, green beans; small glass of dry wine.

    Fifth Day Breakfast Toast bread with bran; 2 tbsp.

    spoons (from top) of cottage cheese; tomato.

    Lunch Crusty bread with lettuce; 50 g lean ham; apple.

    Afternoon snack 90 g of tuna in brine; a large portion of vegetable salad; 2 crispbread.

    Dinner A glass of port wine; low-fat steak; steamed vegetables.


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  • Lunch Crusty
  • B) The first movement
  • On one of the pages
  • After that, relax
  • Continue
  • Repeat the exercise
  • Now it is necessary
  • When the direction
  • Home position
  • Right arm at the elbow
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