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  • " Muscle exercises

    " Muscle exercises" Muscle exercises mouth and tongue Exercises for the muscles inside the mouth and tongue are based on a variety of movements performed by the language , the muscles of the larynx , pharynx during chewing and swallowing food , playback of voice and speech , and in some other cases .

    Mobility has extensive natural language , so this group of exercises is based on the skills that simulate the operation of language when performing the above steps .

    For examples of these exercises you will be able to meet in the next part of the "Description of the exercise .

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    Carry out the exercise

    Carry out the exercise Carry out the exercise smoothly, without distinguishing between the transition from one sound to another , merging the end of the first sound of the beginning of another pronunciation .

    It looks like a continuous sound fusing together sounds: auauauaua .



    simulate the actions This exercise , in which the lips perform movements that mimic any action , for example , whistling, blowing out candles, kissing , holding tubes , etc.

    Examples of such exercises will be given in a subsequent part of this , entitled " Description of exercises .

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    Gymnastics for updates

    Gymnastics for updatesGymnastics for updates premature aging of the face and neck Today everyone knows that this lack of exercise , "This is when we move a little " - you say .


    But what you imagine when you say it? Chances are you think that we are not a lot of walk, run, jump , swim , etc.

    And very few people visit the idea that there is lack of exercise and when we cease to chew food , look after the flight of birds ( and historically - when there is no need to turn his head in different directions , looking for prey in a forest ) .

    Few think about that for inactivity can also speak with respect to psycho-emotional sphere, when your face is reflected in facial masks stiffen the same , often negative emotions.

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    Formation "Chewing" neck This neck is usually for those who happen to too much sun.

    Since a thin skin on the neck, it reflects greater age than the other parts of the body.

    If the neck is thin, and the muscles are not supported in tone, signs of aging even more noticeable.

    Formation of wrinkles occurs gradually.

    First wrinkles on the forehead, then away from the nose to the chin, at the outer corners of the eyes, and finally, on the neck, nose, chin and upper lip.

    But you should know that with the proper training of the facial muscles, this process can be stopped.

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    When the direction

    When the direction In contrast to all other methods of hair removal, laser - a non-invasive method of hair removal, which removes only the hair and not damage surrounding skin hair follicle.

    The laser depilation is based on the ability of a light beam to selectively burn certain length cells containing a certain percentage of melanin pigment and thus does not affect the surrounding tissues not containing the active pigment.

    When the direction of the laser beam on the hair burned the outer part of the hair and the hair bulb itself, located under the skin.

    In most cases, exposed to laser hair follicle is destroyed, leading to a complete stop hair growth ( .

    Figure Laser hair removal The main advantages of this method - a painless, low probability of occurrence of side effects, no burns, scars, high efficiency and duration of the achieved results.

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