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    This book So an attempt was made to develop a special exercises for rehabilitation and renovation premature aging of the face and neck.

    This book is written for a wide audience : both specialists and the general reader , for both women and men .

    I will be grateful to all those who are interested in the subject of this work , who will share their experiences , results or just express criticisms.

    Let's break WHY wrinkles ? Over time due to external and internal factors human body ages .

    This is inevitable, as the natural life time of each species of living organisms genetically caused .

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    The skin becomes

    The skin becomes The skin becomes flabby , sagging , changing its color, lines and wrinkles appear .

    Often results in the entire stagnant areas on the face with a very weak blood circulation , reduced function of the sebaceous and sweat glands.

    Skin in such areas pale, grayish-yellow tint and blushes even at a sufficiently strong external stimulation .

    All these unpleasant consequences inactivity in the face and neck can be avoided if the optimum level of motor activity in the muscles of the head zone .

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    Fill the bath, pour

    Fill the bath, pour Cooking.

    Grind horseradish and yarrow, boil for 10 minutes, strain and pour into a bath filled.


    Take a bath for 30 minutes, wipe a soft towel.

    Wear warm bathrobe.

    Bath with birch ash from rheumatism 2 tbsp.


    birch ash, 200 ml of water.


    Fill the bath, pour diluted ash.


    Take a bath for 30 minutes, wipe a soft towel.

    Wear warm bathrobe.

    Bath Tea coffee to produce the effect of sunburn 4 tbsp.


    dry tea leaves of green and black tea, 1 tsp.

    mint and coffee grounds, 500 ml of boiling water.

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    The number

    The number S5 - drag down his forehead .

    By arrows indicate possible directions efforts.

    C3 " Horizontal Stretching neck side " V / t - " and " - tilt your head to the left; O / T - " time -.



    eight times .



    " - reach top of the head to the left - and right elbow prisognutoy hands - right down ; 3 / t - "once - eight .



    " - slowly take the starting position.

    recommendations: The main clock can be done continuously, to subjective feelings of fatigue , the bill is not limited.

    The number of repetitions - individually.

    Recommended to repeat 2 - 3 times and perform a couple of approaches.

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    Home position

    Home position Also relaxes the chin that helps to relieve excessive pressure from the neck muscles and the disappearance of the double chin.

    Home position Sitting on the floor or on a semi-soft cushion (sofa), cross-legged "in Turkish.

    " Sit on the ischium clearly mentally extending the tailbone to the floor, and "coronal star" - up to the sky.

    Possible options: on the floor, knees bent in front of the body; on the seat, leaning against the wall; on a gymnastic ball, leaning against the wall; on a chair or bench, on the edge, slightly drooping hip.

    Technology Implementation Pull the sit bones.

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    Widespread Procedures of this nature can not be performed frequently, as they can not only be harmful to the body, but also dangerous.

    In particular, it leads to the early aging of the skin in those areas that are exposed to UV light.

    Significant difference on the skin may occur several years after frequent sessions.

    Widespread misconception that tanning individual body parts - is harmless.

    In this situation, the irradiated portion receives a large amount of ultraviolet light, thereby increasing the risk of skin cancer and early wrinkles etc.

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