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    Count rate - the calm. Exercise

    To solve

    Effect on the body bronzer Known fact that tanning using ultraviolet radiation can damage the skin.The question arises, how harmful use of tanning? Currently, the basis of many types of tanning is a moisturizing cream or lotion.But it also happens that means tanning lead to dry skin.To solve this problem, you should use a moisturizer.As already mentioned, self-tanning agents may not have the properties of protecting from the sun, and therefore must be used in combination sunscreen.Rules applying tanning at home To maximize the impact of tanning is not enough just to put it.This is a long process and it is necessary to prepare.

    Right arm at the elbow

    Fix the state of maximum lift, stay in it for 30 seconds.From this position, start doing the slopes to the left.Right arm at the elbow bend! Perform 40-60 leans to the left.Return to starting position and relax.Do exercise the right.Exercise number 4 Objectives Toning leg muscles.Tighten the muscles of the inner thighs.How to Perform Bend your knees and lean forward so that the palms lean into the floor.Pull the belly and gradually begin to straighten the legs as much as possible.

    Lunch Crusty

    Afternoon snack Big Banana; dietary yogurt cup.Dinner A piece of boiled chicken breast; steamed vegetables: cauliflower, baked tomatoes, green beans; small glass of dry wine.Fifth Day Breakfast Toast bread with bran; 2 tbsp.spoons (from top) of cottage cheese; tomato.Lunch Crusty bread with lettuce; 50 g lean ham; apple.Afternoon snack 90 g of tuna in brine; a large portion of vegetable salad; 2 crispbread.Dinner A glass of port wine; low-fat steak; steamed vegetables.

    On the upper and lower

    Better at this time to lie down.On the upper and lower eyelids can put tampons soaked brew tea or infusion cornflower blue petals (one teaspoon of crushed petals pour one cup of boiling water, infuse for 20 minutes and strain) or apply a thin layer of cream, gently hammering his fingertips.Mask is removed dry or soaked in water with a cotton swab without touching the skin and stretching it.Dry and peeling skin after removing the mask smeared nourishing cream.If the mask has a liquid consistency (fruit juices, berries, plant extracts, etc.

    On one of the pages

    That is the face , along with the surface of the palms , ears , is a kind of map links with the whole organism .It is advisable to assume that doing gymnastics person we are working on these points , thus exerting a beneficial effect on the entire body .GYMNASTICS AND FACE biokorrektsiya Once I had to look through a book on the subject of human bioenergy abilities used to treat various diseases.On one of the pages I found looked recommendations for correction of biofield using simple physical exercises , including pan and tilt head in different directions.These exercises are offered with a view to harmonizing the chakras ( energy centers ) located in the head , in particular the parietal , frontal, and throat .

    When the corners of the mouth

    From there, nerves and muscle fibers go to the nape and crown point.Enhanced version.Try to lay down his lips when forcing three points away from the mouth pulsing back and up.Sensations You must feel intense tension of the skin around the mouth and cheeks.When the corners of the mouth slightly raised, the mood improves.This is a great technique with which you can create a sense of happiness.When highly raised corners of the mouth to the brain transmits a corresponding signal of your good mood regardless of the actual situation.

    Activated: frontal

    Pulls whiskey and "opens" the eyes.Activated: frontal muscle, temporoparietal muscle temporal muscle, Front ear muscle external pterygoid, zygomatic muscle.Lift cheeks Expands the scope of the eye outward.Strengthens the cheek and eye muscles.Activated: temporal muscle, zygomaticus major muscle, muscle lifting the corner of his mouth, «coronary star." Forehead and nose Awareness awakens when slid eyebrows.Raises eyebrows and forehead to the "crown star." Smoothes nose.Activated: muscle and wrinkled forehead, muscle of the upper eyelid, circular muscle of the upper lip, nasal muscle.

    . . " - take

    Exercise can be performed

    Exercise can be performed : - Turning his head all the way to the left; - Turning his head all the way to the right; - Alternating left and right turns .Described in B8 exercise technique can be used for any fixed position of the head in the rotation : right poluvlevo , etc.(see " Analysis of motor abilities .") GROUP B7 .movable jaw With simple movements of the jaws you have already met , studying exercise section A.These were exercises on displacement of the mandible to the side ( left or right ) and forward.In this group exercise will be presented , based on both of these simple movements, as well as more sophisticated options .

    Here, as indeed

    ), giving the surgeon's hands in new technology will definitely have to take into consideration.Often, however, the possibility of "revolutionary techniques" dramatically overstated in order to attract patients.In fact, any method of treatment is needed only in certain cases.By the same point of view on the possibility of different surgical techniques can vary widely, and that puts the patient in a very difficult position.Here, as indeed in all things, it is important to show common sense.Clearly, that is any approach has pros and cons.


    B3 "Veer" V / t - " and " - lean forward ; O / T - "one-two " - top of the head to the left to deploy in two stages ; 2 .O / T - " three or four " - to return to the starting position head tilt , also in two steps ; 3 .O / T - " five or six " - top of the head to the right to deploy in two stages ; 4 .O / T - " seven or eight " - take the initial tilt position , also in two steps.Continue execution of movements described in the cycle , to the subjective feeling of fatigue.In conclusion, to raise his head and take the starting position.

    Will you feel

    Will you feel is still vigorous, energetic, full of energy ? About inactivity theoretically know quite a lot, but for a full experience we recommend to make doubters demonstration test: tie the healthy leg prosthesis and try a month with ease down the stairs and walk along the boulevard .Will your gait springy and light ? About diets said and written many books , but it is probably better to stay in a horror movie about how some people here and there and we still sometimes eating and drinking , showering in the stomach confused hodgepodge of foods , condiments and beverages in amounts are very far from any reasonable standards.Or , the other extreme , enthusiastically absorbs mixture concentrates , flavors , preservatives coupled with sandwiches .

    Holly Berry

    In addition, Cameron Diaz 4-5 hours a day surfing and despite the fact that only one hour of training burns up to 600 calories.That's why she can afford much food.Holly Berry Here's another stellar mom became more! Do you know how hard it is to return the old weight girl who gave birth to a child while suffering from diabetes? Of course, it is better you do not know! And Holly has her beauty secrets: its diet consists of healthy foods such as dried fruits, vegetables, whole grain breads and cereals.In addition to regular yoga, Holly Berry is engaged by an original technique Harley Pasternak, which is called "Five factors of fitness.

    Basic and additional

    Tense the muscles for five seconds, relax for three seconds.Repeat each exercise only five times.It takes you a little time, you will always be able to carve it out of your busy schedule.If you find that a certain portion of your face needs to be adjusted to eliminate the drawback would be easy, increasing the number of repetitions and increasing exercise intensity for the site.Basic and additional exercises The exercises are divided into basic and advanced.If the damage caused by time, not so depressing you can restrict basic exercises.

    Use waxing

    Waxing does not solve the fundamental problems of unwanted vegetation on the body, 2-3 weeks damaged during the pulling of hair follicles are completely restored and deleted hairs start to grow again.So after depilation biological control cosmetologists recommend to lubricate the skin with special compounds inhibiting hair growth.Use waxing hair re can be no earlier than 3 days, by which time the skin will be able to fully recover from the irritation produced in the previous session depilation.After hair removal skin for March 2 days must also be protected from sunlight special sunscreen.

    After that, relax

    Zazhmurte eyes tightly closed and leave them for 6 seconds.After that, relax and open your eyes.Against sagging lower eyelids.Paw 4 fingers of the left and right hand put on the skin under the eyes and firmly onto the edge of the zygomatic bone.Zazhmurte eyes, a little at first, then more and so hold for 6 seconds.Thereafter fingertips sharply clean and open your eyes.Complex exercise number 6 This gymnastics is based on the principle of resistance of certain muscle groups to external pressure.

    Repeat the exercise

    Tension lasts two seconds, relaxing - one second.The number of repetitions with the triples.The third phase After ten weeks slowed the pace and intensity of exercise loosen.Voltage lasts for five seconds, relax - for three seconds.Repeat the exercise five times in a row three times a week.1 Squirrel Exercise 2: "dolphin" This complements the previous exercise, helps to eliminate double chin and creates a beautiful, harmonious profile.The first phase Support the chin with the back of his hand (see 1, try to open your mouth, overcoming the resistance of the palm.

    This book

    So an attempt was made to develop a special exercises for rehabilitation and renovation premature aging of the face and neck.This book is written for a wide audience : both specialists and the general reader , for both women and men .I will be grateful to all those who are interested in the subject of this work , who will share their experiences , results or just express criticisms.Let's break WHY wrinkles ? Over time due to external and internal factors human body ages .This is inevitable, as the natural life time of each species of living organisms genetically caused .

    The skin becomes

    The skin becomes flabby , sagging , changing its color, lines and wrinkles appear .Often results in the entire stagnant areas on the face with a very weak blood circulation , reduced function of the sebaceous and sweat glands.Skin in such areas pale, grayish-yellow tint and blushes even at a sufficiently strong external stimulation .All these unpleasant consequences inactivity in the face and neck can be avoided if the optimum level of motor activity in the muscles of the head zone .

    Fill the bath, pour

    Cooking.Grind horseradish and yarrow, boil for 10 minutes, strain and pour into a bath filled.Application.Take a bath for 30 minutes, wipe a soft towel.Wear warm bathrobe.Bath with birch ash from rheumatism 2 tbsp.liter.birch ash, 200 ml of water.Cooking.Fill the bath, pour diluted ash.Application.Take a bath for 30 minutes, wipe a soft towel.Wear warm bathrobe.Bath Tea coffee to produce the effect of sunburn 4 tbsp.liter.dry tea leaves of green and black tea, 1 and coffee grounds, 500 ml of boiling water.

    The number

    S5 - drag down his forehead .By arrows indicate possible directions efforts.C3 " Horizontal Stretching neck side " V / t - " and " - tilt your head to the left; O / T - " time -...eight times ..." - reach top of the head to the left - and right elbow prisognutoy hands - right down ; 3 / t - "once - eight ..." - slowly take the starting position.recommendations: The main clock can be done continuously, to subjective feelings of fatigue , the bill is not limited.The number of repetitions - individually.Recommended to repeat 2 - 3 times and perform a couple of approaches.

    Home position

    Also relaxes the chin that helps to relieve excessive pressure from the neck muscles and the disappearance of the double chin.Home position Sitting on the floor or on a semi-soft cushion (sofa), cross-legged "in Turkish." Sit on the ischium clearly mentally extending the tailbone to the floor, and "coronal star" - up to the sky.Possible options: on the floor, knees bent in front of the body; on the seat, leaning against the wall; on a gymnastic ball, leaning against the wall; on a chair or bench, on the edge, slightly drooping hip.Technology Implementation Pull the sit bones.


    Procedures of this nature can not be performed frequently, as they can not only be harmful to the body, but also dangerous.In particular, it leads to the early aging of the skin in those areas that are exposed to UV light.Significant difference on the skin may occur several years after frequent sessions.Widespread misconception that tanning individual body parts - is harmless.In this situation, the irradiated portion receives a large amount of ultraviolet light, thereby increasing the risk of skin cancer and early wrinkles etc.

    Now it is necessary

    Fingers located at the corners of the mouth (see 20).Five seconds keep voltage within three seconds start the exercise again, and so five times.Bring up to ten reps, adding one daily.Intensive phase You have already learned correctly and without difficulty to perform the exercise ten times.Now it is necessary to accelerate the rhythm and triple the number of repetitions.Tension lasts two seconds, relaxing - one second.The third phase Perform each exercise five times in a row three times a week in slow rhythm: power - five seconds, relax - for three seconds.

    " Muscle exercises

    " Muscle exercises mouth and tongue Exercises for the muscles inside the mouth and tongue are based on a variety of movements performed by the language , the muscles of the larynx , pharynx during chewing and swallowing food , playback of voice and speech , and in some other cases .Mobility has extensive natural language , so this group of exercises is based on the skills that simulate the operation of language when performing the above steps .For examples of these exercises you will be able to meet in the next part of the "Description of the exercise .

    Carry out the exercise

    Carry out the exercise smoothly, without distinguishing between the transition from one sound to another , merging the end of the first sound of the beginning of another pronunciation .It looks like a continuous sound fusing together sounds: auauauaua ...simulate the actions This exercise , in which the lips perform movements that mimic any action , for example , whistling, blowing out candles, kissing , holding tubes , etc.Examples of such exercises will be given in a subsequent part of this , entitled " Description of exercises .

    Gymnastics for updates

    Gymnastics for updates premature aging of the face and neck Today everyone knows that this lack of exercise , "This is when we move a little " - you say .Absolutely.But what you imagine when you say it? Chances are you think that we are not a lot of walk, run, jump , swim , etc.And very few people visit the idea that there is lack of exercise and when we cease to chew food , look after the flight of birds ( and historically - when there is no need to turn his head in different directions , looking for prey in a forest ) .Few think about that for inactivity can also speak with respect to psycho-emotional sphere, when your face is reflected in facial masks stiffen the same , often negative emotions.


    "Chewing" neck This neck is usually for those who happen to too much sun.Since a thin skin on the neck, it reflects greater age than the other parts of the body.If the neck is thin, and the muscles are not supported in tone, signs of aging even more noticeable.Formation of wrinkles occurs gradually.First wrinkles on the forehead, then away from the nose to the chin, at the outer corners of the eyes, and finally, on the neck, nose, chin and upper lip.But you should know that with the proper training of the facial muscles, this process can be stopped.

    When the direction

    In contrast to all other methods of hair removal, laser - a non-invasive method of hair removal, which removes only the hair and not damage surrounding skin hair follicle.The laser depilation is based on the ability of a light beam to selectively burn certain length cells containing a certain percentage of melanin pigment and thus does not affect the surrounding tissues not containing the active pigment.When the direction of the laser beam on the hair burned the outer part of the hair and the hair bulb itself, located under the skin.In most cases, exposed to laser hair follicle is destroyed, leading to a complete stop hair growth ( .Figure Laser hair removal The main advantages of this method - a painless, low probability of occurrence of side effects, no burns, scars, high efficiency and duration of the achieved results.

    B) The first movement

    n1 - of P.- P.n1 .Combination of tilt and shift Exercises of this type of small amplitude but rather energy-intensive , including the work of the deep muscles of the head and neck.a) The first movement - the slope .Initially, head tilted to one side , say forward, and , fixing his neck in this position, perform a series of changes , such as forward.b) The first movement - a shift .First shift head in one direction , for example, back , and then do a series of short slopes , for example, forward.For those who became interested in the construction of new exercises , it would be interesting to consider also the grouping of all three movements at once simple components : pan, tilt and shift .

    Normally, it has a certain

    Furthermore , the emulsion plays an important role in preventing drying of the skin .Water- fat emulsion is produced by the sebaceous glands and sweat glands, and how this works optimally gland specific composition depends on the emulsion.Normally, it has a certain level of acidity (i.e., the ratio between the acid (fatty ) and alkaline ( aqueous ) phase) designated pH.PH level for normal skin - The pH of dry , dehydrated or skim and fat skin type may differ from this figure.Purchasing cosmetic products , pay attention to whether there is a mention in the summary that the tool supports the acid-alkaline balance of the skin .

    Masks Fingering

    ..the usual vegetable oil (olive, corn or sunflower - always refined).Remember, the maximum duration of a solar bath should not exceed 30-50 minutes.Also, do not sunbathe in the middle of the day when the sun is at its zenith.The best time to do this - from 10 to 12 am and from 16 to 18 hours.Masks Fingering berries in the country or at home, making a salad of fresh vegetables, enough to smear the face squashed berries or strawberries cut cucumber skin - here's the simplest mask is suitable for all skin types.In principle, for the summer of masks you can use any fresh vegetables and fruits - apricots, peaches, grapes, plums, cherries, raspberries, tomatoes, zucchini, etc.

    The main

    Phase 1 - Preparation A week before the use of tanning need to stop using cosmetics that contain alpha acids.Spend a day with the help of hair removal hair removal or shaving to tan even.This amount of time is required to eliminate skin irritation after shaving.Within a few hours before the procedure does not use decorative cosmetics, perfume, refreshing spray.The main rule before applying bronzer a shower and scrub.Skin should be clean and dry.Scrub helps to remove dead skin cells, which will help retain body tan longer.


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